Fotis Grontas & Associates


Fotis Grontas & Associates act as your company formation advisor mostly in UK but and any country of the world. We make things easy for you, at any scale, from a local store to coblex multinational branches.


We monitor your business duties, accountinc, tax, from the beginning to the end of every accounting period, providing constantly finance and tax consulting, in a unprecedented level of detail and efficiency.


Supplier, client or a merge, new partnership, new contract for a new project;

We take the necessary negotiations to an entirely new level, leading in win-win situations and long term, solid collaborations.

Corporate Governance

We offer comprehensive counsel and representation to public and private companies concerning the regulatory landscape and best practice for corporate governance matters.

We assist clients with implementing new governance statutes, rules and regulations; auditing compliance; evaluating disclosure issues; investigating allegations of wrongdoing; and responding accordingly with measurable actions.


Our global team of experts can issue your copyright & patent in every industry sector, fast and with maximum efficiency. We secure EU and Global Copyrights and patents, in industry,  software, digital, transports, maritime, art, commercial trademarks.


The firm has built excellent relationships with funds and investors all over the world. We can guide you to find the proper funding [with fair terms and protecting your creation], so you can find the resources you need for to proceed to the next level.