Fotis Grontas & Associates

Competitive Intelligence

We define, gather, analyse and deliver intelligence about competitors, products, customers and any aspect of the environment needed to support your business and managers in strategic decision making.


After the completion of CI, both we choose the targeted countries and immediacy establish strategic contacts via multiple channels  (Champers, embassies etc.)

We guide you step by step in all process, your potential client’s credit checks and reliability, reviewing and consulting your commercial contracts, apply with efficiency all the country’s and international commercial legislation.

Business Plan

Fotis Grontas & Associates will create a full scale business plan after extended  CI and data mining completion about your idea, presenting an extremely detailed, world-class tool and off course, your ROI compass to reach investors and the funds you need.

Corporate Governance

We offer comprehensive counsel and representation to public and private companies concerning the regulatory landscape and best practice for corporate governance matters.

We assist clients with implementing new governance statutes, rules and regulations; auditing compliance; evaluating disclosure issues; investigating allegations of wrongdoing; and responding accordingly with measurable actions.

Key Contacts

We set together the rules of engagement and we proceed to your representation and commercial negotiations with both clients and suppliers, to achieve the best possible, fair outcome for your business.

We strongly believe in fair trade and in a fundamental (at least for us)  trade principal: in the end of an negotiation, now one must feel like victim.
Sooner or later the deal will be broken or even worst, the deal will never practically start.

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