Legal Statement


Fotis Grontas & Associates Ltd is a multifarious professional services firm registered in England & Wales under number 09075803. Its registered office  is at 85 Great Portland Street, W1W 7LT – London, United Kingdom and it’s  principal place of business is at  The Shard | 24th Floor,  32 London Bridge Street, SE1 9SG | London, United Kingdom.

In relation to those Fotis Grontas & Associates Ltd (the company)  practices which are corporate bodies, whether limited liability partnerships incorporated in the United Kingdom or other corporate bodies, we use the word “partner”, on this website and generally, to refer to a member of the limited liability partnership or a share owner or director of the other corporate body or in either case an employee or consultant with equivalent standing and qualifications. Confirmation as to the member/share owner/director status of a partner practising through a corporate body can be provided on request.

The Company is not a law firm neither a solicitor office and with no way we are claiming that we are.

The company’s role in legal, is strikingly consulting our clients about the UK’s  and international corporate and commercial legislation, about forming, monitoring and operate a company in United Kingdom’s jurisdiction.

However, the company is collaborating with solicitors in long term, solid collaborations to achieve and complete our client’s needs.

You can consider us as a link, an advisοr who accept all the necessary intonation and practises and transmit to you those you need, simplifying them and guide you and your company to best case scenarios exist, as certificated business consultants and general coordinators between you and legal, public and corporate bodies, your suppliers and your customers (existed and potential)  so we can achieve the maximum possible result at all levels.

Anti-money laundering policies and procedures

Our anti-money laundering (AML) policies are  based on the highest standards that are required in the jurisdictions where we operate, and apply in relation to all of our business in all of our offices all over the world. The Firm conducts full client due diligence enquiries on each new client and persons connected with them and conducts ongoing monitoring of existing clients.

These enquiries are based on the Anti Money Laundering Act of United Kingdom,  FATF Recommendations, and the EU Fourth Money Laundering Directive, although if additional information is required by the local rules of any country where we are being asked to work, that information will also be obtained. Where necessary for these purposes, we seek relevant information from third party data suppliers.

Where individuals have supplied personal data for this purpose we will only use it for that purpose and will keep it only as long as the relevant AML and data protection legislation requires.