Fotis Grontàs & Associates

multifarious. efficient. global.

The firm is an innovating global vendor who combines consulting, branding, PR and corporate/commercial law in an unprecedented scale, combination and accuracy.

We Growth Hack your business or your idea from 0 to 100 at all levels, from the formation of your company to your domestic & global clients.

From 0 to  branding, packaging, marketing, contracts, engagement letters, commercial negotiations, key contacts, to 100: your global client network.

This is what we do.

And we do it not just great.



Consulting in sales, exports and global trade:

Smooth, solid guidance to your next big step


British & International Commercial Law:

From A to Z, Company Formation, Monitoring, Commercial Contracts


From your website/e-shop, logo and packaging:

To rapid, large scale global online revenue