Fotis Grontas & Associates enters the Golden Visa [for Greece] program

admin on October 6, 2020

Golden Visa is a residence by investment visa offered by several European countries including Greece. By obtaining Golden Visa, non-Europeans investors and their families have the right to travel visa-free in the Schengen zone

Golden Visa in Greece

The Golden Visa program in Greece was introduced by the law No 4251/2014 which offers to the investors free travel in the Schengen zone


What Countries you can travel to with a Greek Golden Visa

The Golden Visa Program in Greece is exceptionally competitive as it features friendly terms, minimizing both the amount of the capital required and with the help of investment consultants it is easy to obtain. It is an investor visa and it can be renewed indefinitely as long as the main applicant keeps the investment, while there is no requirement to stay in Greece whatsoever.


Αll non-European citizens are eligible to apply for a Golden Visa, as long as the main applicant is over 18 years old and the total investment is no less than 250000 euros.

Golden Visa for Families

Children under 21 years of age, parents, spouse or partner with a co-habitation agreement (concluded in Greece) and in-laws of the main investor can benefit from the same investment of 250000 euros and above and issue a permanent European residence permit too.

Greek Golden Visa investment options

Property Acquisition

The most common and easy way to obtain a golden visa in Greece is by purchasing property

General Investment

The other option of obtaining a Golden Visa in Greece is by investing in different sectors of Greek economy such as business investments, bank deposits over than 400000 euros in Greek credit institution, capital contribution to a company based or established in Greece etc.

Real estate investment options in Greece

When you decide to invest in Greece for Golden Visa you can buy your property either as an individual or as a legal entity. The properties you can purchase in order to obtain a Golden Visa are varied, ranging from apartments, detached houses, villas and entire buildings, to shops, offices, hotels and even plots of land.